CFD simulation of a torque converter

    • JoaoAlex


      I´m trying to perform a turbomachinery CFD simulation using ANSYS. Basically, I wanted to know if it would be possible to get some specific results out of the simulation, I´ll briefly describe the cenario:

      I´m modeling a torque converter, which essentially is a toroidal cavity covered with oil, where inside it, we have a centrifugal pump facing a turbine. The input shaft of the torque converter is conected to the pump and the output shaft with the turbine. They are not rigid coupled, the "link" between them is the fluid (oil), its a type of hydraulic coupling. In real life, if we move the pump, the turbine will eventually move as well, with a decrease in velocity due to energy losses. Is it possible that ANSYS can simulate this specific cenario? I mean, if I input a rotation for the pump, would I be able to see the corresponding rotation of the turbine in the results? 

      Is it more advisable to use FLUENT or CFX?

      Thank you very much!!

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