CFD simulation of planing hull

    • elin


      I am using ANSYS Fluent in order to simulate an 8 m long planing hull. The main task is to recommend an approach in Fluent to a company that wants to evaluate resistance in new hull designs. Are there any general guidelines on how to set up the problem in order to get accurate results in a straightforward way? Such as how big the domain should be, what type of mesh, how to mesh the free surface, if a dynamic mesh is needed, turbulence models and y+, etc. 

      To clarify: I am not looking for the most complex methods, but rather methods that are simple but accurate enough to compare two hulls. 


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Yes, but you may struggle to do this with a Student licence due to cell count & core limitations. 

      Click on Help and I think there are a couple of videos in the Fluent section.  

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