Student Competition Tutorials

Student Competition Tutorials

CFD Webinars for FSAE teams

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      Guys, sharing some useful video materials created by LEAP Australia to help you with the design of your FSAE Cars.

      Introduction to CFD and Geometry Prep - Presentation


      Preparing geometry using ANSYS SpaceClaim - Demo


      ANSYS CFD Meshing - Presentation


      ANSYS Fluent Meshing - Demo


      Setting up boundary Conditions - Presentation and Demo


      Turbulence Modelling using ANSYS Fluent- Presentation and Demo


      Understanding the ANSYS Fluent Solver - Presentation


      Understanding the ANSYS Fluent Solver - Demo


      Post Processing CFD results - Presentation and Demo


      Simulation Review - Presentation


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