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CFK-Pipe Interference Fit convergence problems

    • Va 9798

      Hello everyone,

      I am currently trying to simulate a press fit assembly of a composite pipe which is pressed into a steel structure (see picture). Only the right contact is a press fit. The left side is defined as bonded contact. I created the pipe in ACP and used Carbon Fiber (290 GPa) material. To simulate the press fit, I defined the Interface Treatment as "Add Offset, Ramped Effects", since the geometrical diameter of the pipe is larger than the diameter of the hub. The contact of the press fit is defined as frictional.
      My problem is, I always get no convergence after a bit of deformation of the pipe. The scale of the deformation image is 1.5e+003. I used 50 initial substeps, 10 minimum substeps and 500 maximum substeps.

      I would be very glad if someone has an idea, why the simulation doesn't converge, since I am very new to ANSYS.
      Thank you very much!

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      There are many posts in this forum about convergence. Search for convergence here, and on the internet (in a search engine type: contact and convergence and ansys).

      Here is one post of many :

      All the best




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