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CFX with EPYC 7742 problem with Windows server!


    • Hyun shin

      I am using ANSYS 2023 CFX in Windows server.

      When I summit job, CFX does not work sometimes.

      So I changed the machine From AMD 7742 to Intel CPU Server!

      then The problem is solved!

      I think CFX has some problem with AMD EPYC 7742.

      More detaily, Intel MPI 2018 version has some problems with AMD 7742 CPU!

      I want to know how to sovle the problem!

      Can I change CFX's Intel MPI version in Workbench environment?


    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee

      There have been a couple of reported cases related to this processor with Intel MPI.  It's under investigation.  In the mean time, please try using the "Microsoft MPI local parallel" option for running parallel.

      • Hyun shin


        Thanks your reply!

        I think you know the performance of MSMPI is very very poor!

        So I can’t use MS-MPI!

        Linux OS version use more later version of Intel MPI than Windows!

        So I think ANSYS already knew the bug about Intel MPI with 7742 CPU.

        But You did not make any modifications!

        I hope ANSYS makes new version of CFX using new INTEL MPI!

        Can you give me the schedule for solving this bug?

        How long should I wait for the solution?

        If you need my help about solving the problem, contact me any time!




      • Hyun shin

        When can I get the solution about Intel MPI ?

        I used over 100 thousand dollars in my server about 2.5 years ago!

        But the server has been just idling with cosuming electricity!

        ANSYS must show responsibility with this problem!

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