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change element type in ansys workbench

    • Rana Nasser

      Hi everyone,

      in the attached file below I'm modeling a 1 meter strip of an abutment (structure like a retaining wall) with 5 meter back fill soil resting on it. The material of the wall is masonry which modeled here a a linear isotropic material and the material of the soil is model here using mohr-coloumb martial model. when I tried to solve a modal analysis with these inputs it couldn't solve because of non linearity, then I found some one on another community who said try to change the element type and it will solve. So I tried to use element type  solid65 by using this apdl command:




      then the modal analysis solved , but it couldn't draw the deformation of the elements and there are many warnings in the solution file.

      I tried also to do a full transient analysis, but I faced this error:

      An internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded. (Node Number 494, Body wall, DOF UY) Please check your Environment for inappropriate load values or insufficient supports.  You may select the offending object and/or geometry via RMB on this warning in the Messages window.  Please see the Troubleshooting section of the Help System for more information.

      Now I have two questions; first, should I use the element type solid65 in nthis simulation or the properties of the element type that ansys has chosen " solid186" is enough ?

      second, Is the apdl command that I have used to define the solid65 element right?  



    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Rana, 

      I do not think modifying element type is the right way to go. 

      To remove the nonlinear effects, change Nonlinear effects in the details of the body, from "Yes" to "No" as shown below. 

      Please suppress your commands and try the above to see if it works. 

      Best regards,


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Rana,

        See if this post by John helps? There are also, numerous other posts in the forum related to concrete elements?

        Solid 186 should work well in your case. I think the internal solution magnitude is probably because your model is not constrained well enough. See this post on dealing with such errors.

      Hope this helps.


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