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3D Design

Change in thickness in ACP(pre)

    • csup26

      I am trying to create the following geometry of a D-Spar using layers of UD E-glass. 

      Front View of spar

      Front View, Looking down D-Spar

      Orthographic view of spar

      Orthographic view



      I am using the following outer shell model to stack the layers going towards the center.


      I am trying to guide myself with working through ACP for the first time and get stumped when I get to the change in thickness of the left, pointed side of the spar. The thickness of the stackup is 5mm up until that point. I am not sure how to model the thicker part. All I can assume is there is some layer staggering and tapering involved. If anyone could guide me to a tutorial on either of those, or explain it in the replies, it would be helpful. I have done google searches and haven't found anything.

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, You should be able to find a few examples when you installed ACP. Do you see this folder (ACP Examples) in the start menu:

      I think Tutorial 2 in there is what you are looking for:

      Additionally, please see this post.




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