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Changing constructed objects parameters

    • oren goldberg


      I am trying to use the grating_transmission (constructed object) anaylsis group in my script but unfortunately the monitor is initialized with only 5 frequency points. I am having diffuculty changing the frequency points parameter in the script and get the error

      Is it possible to change the parameters in constructed objects? If so how is it done?

      Alternatively, can I change the default number of frequency points in the simulation enviroment?


    • Niki Papachristou
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Oren,

      Thank you for contacting us. There's 2 ways to change the number of frequency points in a monitor:
      1. Globally in the "Monitors - Global properties"
      2. Locally in a specific monitor.

      When using the "Global properties", you will set the number of points for all monitors in the simulation, unless you check "override global monitor settings" in the monitor properties:

      With this, you can set the number of points for a specific monitor. I hope that was helpful, let me know if I can be of further assistance.
      Please note that this is the optics forum and not the photonics where lumerical related question are posted. For you next lumerical question please post at: Ansys photonics forum
      Kind Regards,
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