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Changing dimensions programmatically and running simulations

    • yashc

      Hello All,
      This might be a novice question, but I have been trying to find an answer to it for sometime now without luck.

      As an example, let us consider a bending cylinder. I'm currently importing my geometry into ANSYS Workbench 18.2 from my Inventor 2016 with certain dimensions labeled as parameters (DS_length, DS_diameter, etc.).

      I wish to run several iterations of the simulation with one end of the beam fixed, the parameters modified a little, and record the displacement of the tip of the beam.

      Is this possible to do in workbench with a set of APDL commands? I already have the commands to extract the location of the beam tip at the end of a single iteration. But I'm looking to run several iterations of the same with parameters modified.

      I'm sure there's a set of tutorials online that I'm missing, that explains how to do this, but I was unable to locate the same. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to have a forum post with a collection of links to do the same.

      Thank you.

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