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Changing element type on a mesh

    • Guillermo Azuara

      Hello there!

      I'm dealing with ultrasound propagation on plates. I have designed a small plate (300x60x3 mm3), in aluminum, and I have propagated a burst of 300 kHz, 3 cycles, and it looks very good (using transient structural module). However, I would like to change the boundaries to avoid the reflections in the edges (infinite domain). I know there exist the INFIN257 elements, so my question is: how can I modify some elements (by knowing their Id numbers) to INFIN257, using both ACT Scripting (my solution is currently using this scripting method) and APDL commands? If it is not possible, how can I change the mechanical properties on the boundaries.

      Thanks a lot in advance

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      This is not native in WB MEch., so as you said we need commands to do that.


      See the chapter on infinite elements in the help manual and search for some posts here in the forum (we do not change elements we use EINFIN command to create them – search that in help):


      All the best




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