Changing parameters for standard initialisation (through TUI)

    • srwankhede
      Hello everyone I am simulating liquid (phase-2) fill-up in an empty tank (filled with air, phase-1) using an Eulerian-Multiphase, transient setup.

      My cell conditions are defined as: volume fraction of phase-2 = 0 (i.e. empty tank)
      My inlet conditions (velocity-inlet) as: volume fraction of phase-2 = 1 (filling with water)

      When I initialize using the standard mode from the inlet, the volume fraction for phase-2 is computed by default to zero. I can change it in the GUI to 1 very easily. However, I am unable to do the same in the TUI (for a HPC system).

      I would appreciate any help on:
      a. Being able to change the volume fraction of phase-2 in the initialization menu in TUI.
      b. Initialize the case with results from the first timestep in the TUI.

      Thank you.
    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      That should be possible if you know how to use the text user interface commands to change the values of standard initialization / or to patch.
      1/Make use of Quick Search Toolbar to find quicly the required text user commands
      2/Alternative you prepare the data file you want to start from, then on the cluster you /file/read-case-data yourfile and then you start running.
    • srwankhede
      Thank you for the quick response. I will try both routes, and update here when possible.
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