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changing the model in space claim and in the model

    • kaitova

       Hi, can you please tell if it is possible to modify the model position after space claim?

      I plan to use one model for 4 load cases, and for 2 of them it will have one position and for 2 others another position, I want to use one space claim model for all of them. Maybe it is possible to modify it in the model tab prior to ACP Pre? Thank you


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    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      You can use Part Transform to change the position or orientation of a component in Mechanical. If you go to Model cell in J, then go to Geometry-->Right-click on Component (that you need to reposition) --> Transform Part. In the Details of Part Transform, you can specify the values in the Translate or Rotate cells. Then right-click on Transform in Tree Outline and click Transform. The part/component should move to the new position.

      Since systems K, L, M, N all have data transfer from the same cell in J, any change you make to J will reflect in all four systems. To do it in only two systems, I think you would need to Duplicate system J (right-click on cell 1 of J and choose Duplicate). Let's call this duplicate system P. Then you would link K and L to system J and link M and N to system P. You can Transform the part only in system P (not in J) and that way only system M and N will have the new configuration of the parts. 

      Hope this helps,


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