Changing the Variables in HFSS Results Plots

    • jkm242

      I would like to change the x and y axes of my plot to be position for the x axis and field magnitude for the y axis, but it seems like the only options I have are the default variables, frequency and phase. Is there a way to change these? Thank you

    • AndyJP
      uncheck the "default X" box, then you put your Y in X, and vice versa.

      When editing the fields report, don't forget to select the geometry (path, line) along which you are plotting.
    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Please go through "post processing and generating reports" chapter of the HFSS help document to see full details on the post processing capabilities of the tool. You can also check "sweeping a variable in a report" section for your need.
      All the very best.
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