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Changing velocity boundary condition at the inlet in ANSYS Fluent

    • Mohamed Abdulazim
      Hello Everybody I'm working on a heat transfer case by using Fluent and I want to study the variation of the heat transfer coefficient with different Reynolds Numbers,translated into different inlet velocities . How could I change the inlet velocity boundary condition at the inlet with discrete values for the same case without any effect for the brevious velocity value on the new solution?Thanks in advance .
    • Deus Ex Machina


      To my mind, if you run a simulation and then you want repeat the same case but changing only the inlet velocity (in order to maintain all other previous configuration or options), you could initialize (again) the solution before starting your CFD simulation, therefore it will be like a new simulation with updated input inlet velocity.

      I hope this works.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Mostly correct. There's no need to re-initialise as the steady state solution will overwrite the existing one. Nothing stopping you from re-initialising, it just may take longer to solve. You can also run Fluent outside of Workbench to set up & run manually, or use a parameter to do this automatically. 

      Deus - I would issue a gold star but am prevented from doing so due to export rules.  

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