Char particles combustion in diesel engine

    • mopio

      I am trying to simulate Char particles combustion in a diesel engine. I was trying using Forte however, I don't see any option for DPM injection, Is any help here?

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      Have a look at this tutorial example: Chapter 7: Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Simulation (ansys.com)


      For more information, you can refer to these sections of the user's guide: 3.3.3. Spray Model (ansys.com) the theory guide: Chapter 6: Spray Models (ansys.com) 


      If you are not able to access the links, refer to this forum discussion: How to access Ansys Documentation - Generic


      Thank you,


    • mopio

      Thanks, @Nikhil. 

      I am reading through the link your share. However, I am looking for ways of simulating the injection and combustion process of Slurry (Solid Char particles suspended in ethanol) as fuel in direct injection diesel engines within the FORTE environment. 

      So far the mixture editor provides the option for Gas and Liquid only (3.3.3. Spray Model (ansys.com)

      Any more suggestions?


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