chemical reactions won’t happen in microcombustor

    • Weiqiang Liu

      Hi all,


      I am doing a simulation of micro-combustor by importing chemkin mechanism into Fluent. The fuel is methane and air mixture. 


      Gas phase mechanism is GRI 2.0 and surface mechanism is from deutschmann.


      The results of temperature field show the maximum temperature is 550K which is only 50K higher than inlet temperature. Obviously, all exothermic reactions have not happened.


      I tried to patch a 2000K high temperature in the whole computation domain to ignite the mixture just like some papers do. however, the results show that it's just like a process of heating the cool incoming mixture and all reactions still can not happen. 


      I am wondering how can I setup in order to ignite the mixture. Are there any common methods in Fluent to ignite hydrocarbon and air mixtures.


      thanks very much!



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