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Chemical reactor and fluid flow (Eulerian Modelling) – Flow through the system

    • baharaksajjadi
      This is a chemical reactor and it has 3 Air inlets. 1 air reactor and 2 fuel reactors. I have patched the geometry with a particle size of 0.00035 and density 1700Kg/m3 inside the air rector on the left side. The particles gain momentum from the air injected from the bottom. 
      I need to check the flow of the particles starting from A-B-C-D-E-F and the remaining particles should enter again into the air reactor from F.

      Problem1: The tube connecting F to Air reactor(A) should cause the particles to enter again from junction(J) but I cannot understand how to prevent the backflow of particles from entering F. As i start the simulation, since air reactor has high velocity in comparison to both the fuel reactor(D and E) and so some particle move up and some particles enter F (Fuel reactor 2).

      Please let me know how to prevent the particles from entering zone F from Air reactor (A). As I understand, there should be some condition which i need to put which act like a one way valve but i dont get how to do it. I dont want to design a valve at the junction J as it complicates the simulation.

      Again for clarity, particles should flow from A-B-C-D-E-F and the remaining particles should enter again into the air reactor(A) from F. 

      Problem: Prevent particles flow from A directly into F. A one way system is required.

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee

      Hey. I don't think preventing the backflow of particles without making design modifications (some valve assembly to the domain) is possible. Have you tried switching on the middle inlet and the right air inlet initially and then gradually turn on the left air inlet ?

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