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Chemkin Installation

    • sridharsahoo366

      I have installed Ansys 18.2 in my system. The license is supplied by Institute. I know the 6 digit license code(perhaps it is same for everyone who uses it in the institute). I can access Forte without any problem, but when  I go for components under Chemkin (energico, chemkin pro, reaction workbench) I am getting a  pop up  in my message window :  

      Licence Checkout failed  

      FLEXIm error message :  

      The capability of Ansys chemkin UI doe does not exist in the ansys licensing pool.  

      None of the products enabling this capability are available in the specified license path. 

      I am assuming that there is no license for this product provided by the Institute. 

      I don't know what it actually means? If my guess is right how to get the license for Chemkin Components. 


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