[CHEMKIN] Java Memory Error Analysis

    • David Zamora

      I'm interested in understanding how CHEMKIN analyzes the results after a simulation. I've successfully completed a simulation with about 2600 points. When I got through the steps to analyze the results (without using Excel), it consumes an enormous amount of RAM, more than 50GB.

      Because of this issue, I wrote a code in Python to read some of the Chemkin output files and copy and paste the data into a CSV. I was able to do this with a different simulation with ~27,000 points and it did not take 50GB of RAM. 

      My question is, why does Chemkin need so much RAM to analyze the results? 

    • Judy Cooper
      Ansys Employee

      Hi David: 

      The question is difficult to answer without knowing more about the problem that is being solved.

      The Chemkin visualizer uses .xml files, which can have some memory issues.  There is more information on this in the 2023 R1 Chemkin Pro Visualization manual in the chapter called "Auxiliary Information"


      I hope this helps,


    • David Zamora

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for responding. Allow me to elaborate a bit. I ran a parameter study on a CRN (single PSR and single PFR in series) with 2600 rows. The simulation itself completed without issue but it goes over in RAM when it post-processes. Essentially, it doesn't generate the XML files. 



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