Choosing the appropriate mode using “copydcard”

    • rakesh_krishna


      I am trying to calculate overlap between two modes using the overlap command. I followed the instructions on the webpage referring to overlap function, where copydcard is first used to select a mode. I want to write a script file where the mode is selected after running FDE for an object. Since the command copydcard is written to select a mode based on index instead of the E-field pattern, you may have your mode1 to be TM instead of TE. I would like to avoid this. Is there anyway to select the TE mode even if my mode1 turns out to be TM?

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      I am running a for loop with variable i, to change the height/z position of the fiber. Then the TE mode profile needs to be captured for fiber at different values of i/different heights. So I am trying to store the mode profile in "TE_Fib" dcard as shown below. But for some heights/i values, the mode1 is not TE instead its TM. I need mode1 to be TE or a way to choose TE mode exclusively to save it in dcard


    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Rakesh,

      You are correct. Everytime you update the structural paramaters, the order of the modes may change in the mode list. So, you can not directly save the TE mode using copydcard. In your script, you will be required to add a loop that goes through the mode list and finds the mode number that has a TE Polarization Factor greater than 80% (for TE mode). Once you have the mode number you can use the copydcard function.


    • rakesh_krishna

      Yes that works.


      Thanks Amrita!

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