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CHT conducting non-slip wall set up problem

    • rain

      Hi all

      I want to solve a CHT problem, there is a heat source inside the fluid.

      How could I set the conducting non-slip wall between solid and fluid?

      Thank you. 

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Rain Huang

      If you check the error message, it says that the conducting Non-slip wall (or the fluid solid interface) also has Temperature 10 defined on it. You cannot define boundary conditions (BC) on the interfaces. So you will have to delete the Temperature 10 located under Solid thermal section of the physics setup. If the fluid is having a temperature of 80deg, then you can edit the Flow Inlet BC and specify the temperature there. 

      Please check out the getting-started tutorials on CHT at below mentioned link:

      • rain

        Hello Naresh Patre 

        Thanks for reply. I understand that I can't set temperature on the interfaces. I would try other method to add heat source.

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