Circuit Elements on HFSS utilizing the s2p file for PIN DIODE

    • Patriotis_Marios

      Hello all,

      In case you are interested how to use s2p file of a PIN DIODE in HFSS here is how to do it using the new feature Circuit Elements on HFSS 19.2 release. 

      1st. You create a lumped port at the point where you are about to place the pin diode (it usually connects two metals). 

      2nd. Right click on the Circuit Elements -> create-> single-port model. And choose created port.

      Note: I was trying to use multi-port since the pin diode is a two port network but it did not work properly,  So the solution is to use single port for both OFF and ON state of the pin diode. According the desired state, you need to assign the respective s2p file provided from the manufacturer. 

      I have confirmed the simulation models with measurements as seen at the attached figure.

    • 3Asif

      Hi Patriotis,

      If you have two states, on and off, you can also consider using the circuit simulator that comes with Ansys AEDT. Your HFSS will provide model for your structure, and you can use a selector switch to pick the on or off block (each linked to its respective s-param). 





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