Circuit-HFSS Co-simulation plot transient field in HFSS?

    • Kelvin


      I'm working on a HFSS waveguide-like structure with two wave port and several lumped ports. The waveports are for the input/output of signal, and lumped ports are connected to different switches for temporal modulation, which are controlled by pulse voltage sources. I build the circuits model for the connection between HFSS and modulation sources and set the dynamic link and push excitation. The analysis type for the circuits is NexximTransient and HFSS is DrivenModal. I'd like to know if I could somehow push the excitation in the circuits, both the transient signal connected to waveports and lumped ports, back to my HFSS model and plot the transient behavior of fields in HFSS. If this can be achieved using ANSYS, please give me a hint. Thank you


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