Clarification regarding simulating this research paper

    • guptaa

      I am facing some difficulty in understanding the geometry given in this research paper.

      Should I construct the geometry given in figure 1 as solid figure or it needs to hollow from the inlet and exit,the bottom to be solid.

      Also how to construct the symmetric planes in Ansys(I am new to Ansys, and still in the learning phase)

    • Karthik R
      Since this is intimately connected to the design of the cooling solution, the best people to answer your question would be the authors of this paper. I'd strongly recommend that you connect with the authors and clarify this question. Most authors will be happy to clarify such questions.nIf I were to venture a guess, there is some kind of perforated plate (and small ducts) at the bottom of the duct. But, I'd definitely write to the authors and get the design confirmed.nThanks.nKarthikn
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