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Classic Icepak Air flow analysis

    • Danny Jose


      I'm trying to setup an airflow analysis inside of classic Icepak with 2x intake fans blowing in air onto a sheet metal chassis. I have followed the SCDM workflow wherein I converted model to Icepak compatible CAD objects. Chassis & fans are different assemblies, did this to define better mesh parameters on fans & for non-conformal meshing. The chassis has perforated incline openings near fans & sections at the end. The way it supposed to work is the air (ambient) gets pushed by fans over to the chassis through these inclined openings and come out the other opposide face (maxX). I have modelled the fan using MRF method with fluid block having RPM of 5000.

      However when I try to generate the mesh, I get few warnings like,

      1. Opening "Opening"shape (incline) doesn't intersect with Component1.
      2. flow and thermal specifications are ignored for internal opening "Opening"
      3. No mesh exists for cabinet_default_side_maxx

      However when I try to run the solver, it says there are no fans or openings in the model. I'm trying to figure out this issue but any help on this regard would be highly appreciated. Icepak model

      Global Meshing settings

      Component1 Mesh settings

      Mesh Z- Cut plane

    • Pdev
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Danny, 

      Based on your input, we would need to investigate further. Please file an SR in the customer portal so as to further assist you.However, Point 3, is because the grille's mesh has more priority than the mesh of the cabinet (maxx)  since the geometries overlap. 


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