Coal combustion in Non-premixed combustion

    • cehangir


      I am doing non-premixed combustion for coal using single mixture fraction method. I have two inlets. Primary inlet is for the coal+air, and secondary inlet is for the air. I have DPM injection set to be 0.03 kg/s, based on the HCV of coal for 70kW thermal input as surface injection at primary inlet. 

      When setting up boundary conditions for the inlets, I have set mean mixture fraction set as 0 (air in gaseous phase) for the primary and secondary inlets. However, the flame produced is very tiny as compared to the flame I have produced using EDM combustion. 

      I am under the assumption that the volatiles are introduced after the devolatilization in the system, which is why I set the mean mixture fraction as 0. Is it a right approach ? Or do I have to set the mean mixture fraction in the primary inlet to a value >0 to accommodate for the volatiles produced during devolatilization ?

    • Karthik R


      I've moved your post to the Fluid Dynamics thread so it gets more visibility on the community.

      Thank you.

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    • seeta gunti
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      Hello Cehangir,

      Regarding your query on coal combustion, we have a video tutorial in our youtube channel. Please go through the following link.


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