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Coefficient of heat transfer

    • claudiabogdan



      I have some doubts that i would like to clarify. Consider a 2flow tube heat exchanger liquid-gas with counter flow. The heat exchange is through convection.


      How should I calculate the coefficient of heat transfer? Directly from the fluent across the surfaces integrals --> area weighted average? In this case how should I define the boundary condition for the wall?

      In attach, please, see the study case.




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Staff aren't permitted to open/download files so I'd need to see images. 

      HTC is a derived value used to compare different designs. In Fluent it's based on reference values so that needs to be carefully chosen. However, if you're modelling both sides of the HX then you can calculate Q (heat flux reports), you know the contact area so I'd take the mean temperature of each fluid and use that. Much the same approach as second year labs!

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