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Cohesive (Adhesive) behavior ANSYS mechanical

    • Amiri Savage

      Hi, I want to run a simple 2D simulation with a solid material and an adhesive polymer in Ansys. I want to induce an increasing stress on the solid material till failure. I'm having some difficulty defining the cohesive zone model. Specifically determining the correct contacts.


      Would appreciate any insight in correct contact creation procedure.


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      This tutorial shows how to set up a CZM model:

      All the best



      • Amiri Savage

        Hi Erik,


        Thank you so much for responding. Another question I had was how do you determine the material properties of the CZM material. I wasnt sure where i could find maximum normal traction, or normal separation across the interface. Is this something that we should assume? Also I assume this would change if I wasnt creating a model with a premade crack, correct?

        Thank you,

        Amiri Savage

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