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Cohesive zone modeling – convergence issues

    • Michaela Zdražilová

      Hello, I am trying to solve a problem that is basically a three-point bending. It consists of a simple supported laminated glass panel with a steel connector. Tensile load is applied via the connector (using displacement to apply the load). The connector is inserted between glass panes and it it supposed to debond with increasing load and after it debondes, it should transfer the load to the upper glass (hope it is clear from the picture). The is a small gap between the connector and the glass as there are some manufacturing tolerances expected. I'm using the CZM to simulate the loss of adhesion (bonded contact, pure penalty) and I have used a frictionless contact between the inclined surface of the connector and the glass. 

      To save some time, I'm working with 1/4 of the panel and have applied two symetry regions. The analysis works perfectly fine until the point when the connector should debond. At that moment, it starts to make bisections and the solution goes on and on until I stop it. I have tried the classics as refining the mesh and applying the load more slowly but it just takes more time to get to the problematic point. A have also try to turn on the weak springs, did not help either. Also, I tried to apply the fix support on all faces of the edge and the analysis converged. Then I tried to apply a fix support only on the upper edge of the panel to allow a rotation of the other layers and I ended up with the same problem as with a simple support. 

      I would be very happy for any suggestions!

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator
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