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Cohesize Zone Modeling (CZM) – Contact Debonding

    • Raghu79

      Hi everyone, I'm working on a project to simulate adhesive bonding failure and studied that CZM is a suitable method to obtain the maximum load for debonding failure. I have input the necessary parameters but I can't seem to achieve the failure load of the model. Does anyone know what can be done to observe the failure? Will I be able to achieve it just by manipulating the parameters or is there something I need to input/add. My end-goal is to plot the load vs displacement curve with failure. Thanks in advance. Attached are some images of my project. Your help and guidance is very much appreciated.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      The load displacement curve looks alright - elastic loading till a peak point followed by softening. What do you mean by "cant observe failure"? Also your maximum tangential contact stress is 1E-30 Pa, which doesn't look realistic. This could be the problem.
      Regards Ishan.
    • Raghu79

      Thanks for your prompt reply. My apologies, I will change the contact stress.
      What I meant by the failure is to observe a "fracture" when the adhesive bond fails. I have attached an image for your reference and would like to achieve the similar curve. Am I able to achieve this kind of curve? Your suggestion is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Kaci
      Can I contact you please? I really need you as fast as possible pleaaase.
      Best regards
    • vangapandu goutham

      hey Raghu!

      the work that you have shown here plays a key part in my project

      could you please let me know how you have achieved the load vs displacement curve

      1) how did you model your adhesive

      2) why can't I see any deflection in my curve, it was going straight up!!

      can you share me few insights, as you have gone through this,

      Thank you in Advance

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