Coil Design with litz wires, number of parallel branches

    • Dmk

      Hey guys,

      I am new at using Maxwell and I try to design a coil with a winding of 20 turns using litz wires with 100 strands. I am not sure how to setup the parameters "Number of parallel Branches" (Winding) and "Number of Conductors" (Coil Terminal). I already defined strands of the litz wires over the Material properties. But I am not sure where to put the 20 turns of my winding. Thank you very much in advance!

    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      "Number of parallel Branches" is for parallel circuit in winding of all the coil terminals, and current could be separated by this number.
      "Number of Conductors" is turns per coil and in series. You have the coil of 20 turns, so you would enter 20 as the "Number of Conductors".
    • helene.bechara.1


      I had designed a synchronous generator where I put number of parallel branches = 6 (because I have 6 circuits per phase) and I manually defined the winding sequence (with 1/6 symmetry ).

      Now I am trying to design the whole machine, when I put periodic multiplier=1 in the winding editor, rmxprt gives an error 'syng3.exe Number of branches in parallel may be error'. 

      Can you advise me please how can I solve this issue, or if there is any other way to generate a model for the whole machine ? 

      Thank you

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