Coil structure inductance calculation/simulation misfit

    • windowtears

      Hello, i am tying to find inductance of my coil design which wrapped to ferrite core with relative permeability of 3000. My question is i am expecting X3000 times bigger inductance compared to air gap design due to simple coil inductance formula. But this kind of a core only multiplies the inductance like 10-50 times which doesn't hold with the formula. Do you have any idea about what is the reason of this fault?

      I'm using magneto static solution and my solutions without using a core holds with the formula so i am thinking there is a mistake about the core implementation.

      Kind regards...

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @windowtears The permeability of the core changes nonlinearly and after a certain point, it gets saturated so you will not see a linear change in the inductance with an increase in turns or an increase in current.
      Please check the material properties you used for the core.

      Regards Navya

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