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Cold Spray Deposition of particles

    • Arshad Khan

      I am simulating a 2D axisymmetric nozzle along with a substrate, by doing so an Interface is formed between them.
      Oarticle are injecting from nozzle inlet along with carries gas, as I am working on cold spray gas dynmaic simulation.
      When particle strikes the substrate it get deposited, this can be done using DPM model.
      My point is to get the particles deposited on substrate 'trap' boundary condition is required. But can you assist me on which side part it should be applied.
      Three Figures are attached........
      A. Connection between surface body
      B. Model
      C. Boundary conditions


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You may need to switch to a 3d sector and have a look at the wall film models. Otherwise you're relying on the DPM out files to see how much mass hit where to see what film/build up is formed. I'm not quite sure what you mean by which part it should be applied to: surely the wetted surface that's where you want to measure the number of hits? 

      I suggest going through a few tutorials, and post a few images. Not least we we can see what you're looking at and why there's a nonconformal interface in the domain. 

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