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Color information

    • Dor


      I have a color map and I want to sum all the area (mm^2) that its colors represent the values which are smaller/greater than X?

      For example, we take this random picture:

    • Dor
      Thought maybe to check the distance from the center (the hole) to a specific value (that represent a orange color, for example)-that would be great too if can't find the area.
      Tried with "name selection" and node number or distance but none of them helped to find what I was looking for...

    • Dor
      Update 2:
      I think I found a method so I'm sharing it here as a contribution to this great forum community:
      Iso capped for the relevant areas
      Then export it to SolidWorks/SpaceClaim or another software, Three it's possible to measure more easily. Worked for me
      • bhagwantP
        Ansys Employee

        Hello Dor,

        Thanks for the update.

        Out of curiocity just wanted to know for what purpose you are interested in getting area with specific colour and comapring it with smaller/greater than X?


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