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General Mechanical

COMBIN14 Spring Stiffness in Multiple Axes

    • hwa0725

      Hi all,

      Was just wondering can you assign stiffness in different directions (i.e. x,y,z,rotx,roty,rotz) to a 3D longitudinal spring, instead of having to define 3 x 1D longitudinal spring that has a different stiffness in each directions? I am not sure if you can assign a torsional stiffness to a longitudal spring though, or you will need an additional spring that will take all stiffnesses in rot dofs only.

      So, ideally, I would like to have a spring, each end scoped to a seperate point, that has stiffness in all 6 dofs. Is that possible? Or I will need to have 6 springs with individual stiffness instead?

      Thank you very much for any help! Much appreciated!

      Best regards,


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