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combin14 warning for thermal dof

    • vkr535


      I was trying to model the heat conduction using a combin14 with TEMP dof activated, keyo(2)=8. I get this below warning message:

      *** WARNING ***             CP =    0.359  TIME= 12:13:13

       Nodes I and J of element 1 ( COMBIN14 ) are not coincident.

      This warning goes away, if i create 2 nodes at same location for TEMP dof.

      Similarly for STRUCT DOF (keyo(2)=0). In short for a single DOF modeling, I get this warning I'm not sure why this warning is expected?

      I'm attaching a 1 element input with TEMP and STRUCT DOF activated. Please let me know, if there any workaround specifically using COMBIB14 to avoid that warning

    • Cheta Rathod
      Ansys Employee
      If KEYOPT(2) is greater than zero, the element has only one degree of freedom. The element, however, assumes only a 1-D action. Nodes I and J, then, may be anywhere in space (preferably coincident). You can check this below:nnCan you make the nodes coincident when keyopt(2)>0n
    • vkr535
      Hello,nCan you make the nodes coincident when keyopt(2)>0. Yes, for all 1dof cases, coincident nodes is fine and no warning is issuesnFurther verifying, it appears that the coicident nodes warning is issued ONLY for 1 dof cases(keyopt(2)>0). If the behaviour is set to 2d or 3d, then a non-zero distance of nodes is required, failing which an error is triggered.nIn short, this warning is only for a 1 dof problem(key(2)>0).nThanksnVinodn
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