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    • betulalis

      I am using "ANSYS 18.2 Mechanical APDL". I don't use a workbench. I want to use COMBIN39 on the RC beam.

      My goal is to model the loss of adherence. I'm trying to reduce adherence with COMBIN39. I have a beam model, but I don't know how to install COMBIN39. I want to do this at MECHANICAL APDL.


      My Element; SOLID65, LINK180, COMBIN39


      Please help me. I'm looking forward to your advice.


      Best regards,



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    • jj77

      COMBIN 39 is a spring element with two nodes. Thus you would probably need one node for the concrete and another one for the link180, so that they are very close to each other, but perhaps with small difference in long. direction (say something small, 1E-7 m), and then one can join/use these two nodes with/for the combin element. Thus the spring element will go between the concrete and link nodes, so very close to each other but not exactly on each other (as mentioned they have a small long. difference in their locations). So the combin will have a length of almost zero (here it would be ~1E-7 m)


      See this paper (read in detail on how they do that). If you have any more question I would recommend to ask the authors of the thesis.


    • arunchandbala
      Hello Sir, How to mesh the nodes such that both nodes of SOLID 65 and COMBIN 39 are close to each other but not coincidingn
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