Combination of fluid- and finite element analysis

    • Berger1012

      Hello there,

      I am currently building an mixing machine which basicall just rotates an inserted container.

      The machine will look almost like this one: 

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      In the video you can also see the moving contents of the container. My supervisor told me, that the container will only be filled up to 70%, which means that the particles of the contents inside will move.

      I was almost able to calculate all the forces that occour while mixing. The only force I am not able to calculate is the centrifugal force of the particles within the container. The problem is that they are moving and that means there is no constant cencter of gravity that is needed to caluclate this kind of force.

      I think the only option I have to calculate this kind of force is to do it with an simulation. The problem is that the simulation needs to be able to do fluid an finite element analysis in one simulation program.

      So my question is: Is something like this possible with Ansys and if yes how do you have to set it up?

      Thank you so much in advance!

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      I am not really sure about the FEM part but you could try to use the 6 DOF solver in Ansys Fluent : 11.6.5. Six DOF Solver Settings (ansys.com)
      I hope this helps!
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