Combination of two model

    • nctrung1407

      Dear guy,


      I wanna combine two types of model in only one geometry. This is a volume of fluid with multiphase and the gelation method.

      - Gelation with cross-linking is a chemical reaction with a polymer solution and an inorganic salt solution. When we mix them together, the state of polymer from liquid to solid (gelation).

      - Gelation with temperature is a chemical reaction, the polymer will be harder from 20 - 37 degrees C,  the state of polymer also from liquid to solid (gelation).


      I wanna simulate at two above case, I have success with this model by using water. Now, my expectation is the effect of some reactions 

      Can I combine VOF and gelation reaction in Ansys? Is it possible?

      Can you give me any tutorials or books, because I can find out anything like that on the Internet?


      Thank you so much!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can, what purpose does the second phase serve? Look up the VOF tutorials, and separately the chemistry ones. You then apply the chemistry to the relevant phase: otherwise it's identical to a single phase model. 

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