Combustion simulation in CFX: non-combusting simulation with flamelet-library material

    • Picknicker

      I am simulating a hydrogen internal combustion process on a well resolved grid with max. 10 million elements (depending on crank angle) in CFX. I am using a FLamelet library material, because I want to use the Extended Coherent Flame Combustion Model. Since I can "only" parallelise on 48 nodes, the mixture formation alone takes a damn long time before the combustion takes place. If I do not set the CA-Steps to < 0.002°CA, the simulation always runs into a FINMES error. This seems to me to be a very small time step and simply takes too long. That's why I wanted to calculate the mixture formation without a combustion model, but unfortunately this gives me the following error:

      Error detected by routine PEEKCS
       CRESLT = NONE
       Current Directory : /FLOW/PHYSICS/ZN1/FL1/MT2

      Does anyone know how to start a cold-flow simulation with flamelet model material and combustion model turned off?

      I am happy about any hints on how to accelerate my simulation.
      Thank you very much in advance!

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