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Command.Execute in SpaceClaim: Question

    • seghier

      Hello, i want create a script using command



      And i want to know how i can create these steps:

      1. Point
      2. Set section plane
      3. Se point coordinates
      4. Finish the command

      The other script :

      1. Select the top face of an object by name or layer
      2. Apply pull and set height
      3. Finish the command

      How i can use Command.Execute to follow these steps

      Or if there is another way for example record a python script and run it from SpaceClaim.Api.V19 ?

      Like this for example : SpaceClaim.Api.V19.Scripting.Commands.ExtrudeFaces.Execute(.......)

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      have you tried the default record feature? Are there any issues with recorded commands? For selection please check power selection (https://ansyshelp.ansys.com/account/Secured?returnurl=/Views/Secured/corp/v211/en/spaceclaim/Discovery/user_manual/power_selection.html) and these options should be recorded ideally.
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