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General Mechanical

Compare simulation results for the same model with different boundary conditions

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

       You can use a Solution Combination to find the difference between the two models. First, right click on the Model Object in the Outline Tree and insert a Solution Combination Object into the Outline Tree. In the Solution Combination worksheet window, right click on the header grid and add a row. In the created row, specify a coefficient of 1.0, the applicable environment, and the solution time point. Repeat the above procedure for the result set with the different set of boundary conditions, but specify a coefficient of -1.0. These steps will create a result set that is the difference between the environments. After defining the Solution Combination, RMB on the Solution Combination Object in the Outline Tree and insert the desired post-processing action (i.e., plot directional deformation). Then RMB and solve the Solution Combination.

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      How can you compare simulation results for the same model with different boundary conditions?

    • maurya

      hello sir 

                      i have doubt that when i have solved two problem in different file.

      for ex. 1) cantilever beam with point load 10 N

                  2) cantilever beam with moment  10Nm

      then where to use the solution combination in one or both.

      can you show some video i tried to use for above case but not succeeded.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Maurya, you should have the models linked to each other for Solution Combination.



      Ashish Khemka

    • shivajideshmukh

      Is solution combination valid for different load cases with different boundary boundary condition?

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