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Comparing Solid element and Shell element – WB

    • thanhttdt

      Hi everyone, 

      When I did an analysis for 2 cases: solid element and shell element in Workbench, I saw that the von Mises in 2 cases are much different

      235 Mpa and 68 Mpa respectively. 

      Figure 1: Solid element, VM stress 235 Mpa

      Figure 2: Shell element, von Mises stress 68 Mpa

      Could anyone take a look and send me any explanation?

      Link file:

      Thanks in advance,


    • thanhttdt

      Could anyone see and give me any suggestions?

      Many thanks,

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Thanhttdt,

      You have applied different loads to the two models.

      On the Solid Model, you have a bearing load, which takes the force and applies it to the nodes only on the side of the face that a pin in the hole would push on, and with the force scaled as a cosine function with 1 on the centerline ramping down to 0 at the 90 degree point of the face.

      On the Shell Model, you have a force load, which takes the force and divides it equally to all nodes around the circle.

      Try putting a force load on the solid model and it will be closer. However, the bearing load is a more realistic load for your case.



    • thanhttdt

      Hi Peteroznewman,

      Thanks for your suggestion, 

      I try to use bearing load in shell element model but cannot.

      Could you suggest me to apply bearing in this case?

      Thanks in advance

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