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Comparing stresses from modal analysis and static analysis

    • Katerina

      Hello everyone,

      For my master thesis, I use the Mechanical APDL 15.0 with the help of which I would like to carry out a static or modal analysis of a piston rod.

      My goal is to get the stresses at the nodes for the elements and modes of the piston rod.

      I define a txt. script with the necessary conditions to perform a modal analysis.

      ANSYS returns the nodal stresses.

      Now I would like to choose an alternative way for getting the stresses (in order to check if the stresses are equal):

      a static analysis with defining the shifts as constraints with the "d" command of the respective modes.

      If I choose the way of the static analysis, the values for the nodal stresses are different then the nodal stresses I got with the modal analysis.

      How can this be?

      Is this a constant factor between these two values of the modal analysis and the static analysis that ANSYS always includes in the calculation?

      And if so, how is this factor to be identified? How are nodal stresses normalized in ANSYS?

      Best regards


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