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Compiling USERMAT subroutines

    • Rick17


      I developed a USERMAT subroutine to define a new material model in ANSYS Mechanical. The code works perfectly on my laptop, but it gives some warning messages like the one below on our lab's PC and then stops the simulation with no error message.


      *** WARNING ***             CP =    1.859  TIME= 11:36:26

       The user material routine for element 240 has set the bisection key in the initial assembly. Check your usermat coding.            


      I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone could help me with this issue.

      Here is some information regarding this problem:

      • The same simulation setup and USERMAT code are used on both PCs.
      • The same version of ANSYS is installed on both PCs (my laptop and the lab's PC)
      • I installed the same versions of the required software to compile such subroutines in ANSYS, but this didn't work.
      • I reinstalled the operating system (Win 10) on the PC and installed all required software, including the ANSYS itself, but the problem persists.
      • I attached the log files of the simulations that were performed on my laptop and the lab's PC to this post.

      Thank you in advance.

    • Rick17
      Hi Everyone The problem is solved by removing those parts of my USERMAT code defined for the shell elements (plane stress subroutine). Although my computational domain contains only 3D elements, it seems other parts of the USERMAT code that are not related to 3D elements can also affect the solution process. However, in my notebook, this was not an issue.
      I hope this help. :)
    • Kexin YAN
      Ansys Employee
      Hi I just definite a new material in usermat, how do you do the debug with apdl?
      I tried to print the parameter in the code usermat, but the output file after apdl doesn't affiche the result? Can you give me some advice?
      Thank for your attention.
      Have a good day

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