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General Mechanical

Complex acoustic pressure and velocity

    • waiyeenyeang

      I am simulating a microperforated panel (MPP) in impedance tube. The software has built in sound absorption coefficient post-processor which is good. However, I would like to extract the complex pressure and velocity on sample surface to determine its surface impedance to compare the impedance with theoretical model. Is there any guide that I can refer to extract these data as there is no built in post-processor to measure these (or it might be my problem not familiar with the built in post processor). Any help/advise is greatly appreciated.

    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi waiyeenyeang,

      If you are performing a harmonic response analysis, the real solution is at phase 0 degrees while imaginary is at 90 degrees.  You can export the nodal results at the scoped surface by right-clicking on the result and using the Export functionality.  The same can be done for velocity to export the complex values.


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