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General Mechanical

Compliant material not detaching from stiff substrate using cohesive zone model.

    • jhale


      I am trying to get my model to detach using a cohesive zone model. I followed the ANSYS tutorial, but my model did not detach. I applied a displacement to the top part and the bottom part is fixed. Below are my results and setup.

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      The strain does not look very large at the interface.
      How does the max normal stress in Y direction compare to the CZM max normal traction?
      Perhaps you need to apply a larger separation load at the top.

    • dsarkar
      Ansys Employee
      It seems the model used shared topology. Match control method(Interface Delamination Application ( needs multibody parts without shared edge.
      An alternative to this method is also Contact debonding which is more robust and less sensitive to mesh. Hope this helps!

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