Student Competition

Student Competition

Composite Material choice in ACP

    • Kshitika287

      Dear sir/ma'am, I am Kshitika and I'm from a Formula Student Team. While simulating for composite materials on Ansys Acp I got a doubt. We don't use prepreg materials thus we generally add Epoxy carbon wet as fabric in our simulation. Now, if we used Carbon fiber(only fibers) as fabric and later add Resin Epoxy as a global drop-off material we should be getting the same results right? But after simulation in static structural we got entirely different results in both cases. Is there anything specific which we missed out on while adding the only fiber fabric? We think that in both cases results should be the same because just as the vacuum infusion technique there is fabric first and then the resin enters and in vacuum bagging we have fabric with resin which becomes the wet fabric case here and then it is cured. 

      I'd really be thankful for your help.

      Regards, Kshitika.

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