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Composite materials in beams how Ansys calculates deformation

    • Noureldeen Radi

      How Ansys calculates deformation in beams made out of isotropic materials 

      I used transformation section rule for solving for deflection analytically but the value is different around 22mm for Ansys apdl result and 52mm for analytical results 

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Noureldeen

      Before getting into materials, which beam theory did you assume in your hand calculations?  Mechanical APDL uses Timoshenko beam theory for Beam188/189.


      • Noureldeen Radi

        Hello, my question was. Not clear 

        I used she'll 181 fo so how ansys calculates the deflection and stresses on my beam.. I have a 4 point force and 3 isotropic materials in 1 composite lay-up... Finally all  modeling is made in areas..

        How ansys calculates it analytically?

        And should I do any boundary conditions or initializing any equations? 

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