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General Mechanical

Compressing rubber with force

    • javat33489

      Hi all. Such a strange problem. I squeeze two rubbers together, along the edges of the metal plates, one is fixed, the second presses. Both plates are non-deformable bodies (two rubbers are in the center, with each other). If I set a displacement on the plate and it starts to compress the rubber, the calculation proceeds. If I set a force on the plate, then the calculation gives me a bunch of errors:


      I tried to make any adequate contact settings, it does not help.

      I am using substeps:




    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi javat33489,
      The warnings or the errors might be due to some of the following reasons,
      Unreasonable material properties like some negative material properties or so.
      Unconstrained or Overconstrained Model.
      Improper definition of connections or behaviors.
      Analysis Settings (You might want to try including weak springs and large deflections in the model)

      Please find some of the following references which may be helpful in solving the model-
      5.9. Singular Matrices (
      Troubleshooting Workbench (
      Topics in Hyperelasticity - ANSYS Innovation Courses
      Structural Boundary Conditions - ANSYS Innovation Courses

      Hope this helps!


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